You still don’t trust me? Would you?
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You might want to take the stairs to the left.”

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Favourite Character Meme - Thor
two colors: blue (1/2)
by lckiofasgard, previously known as lokiofasgard
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The Avengers: Age of Ultron SDCC concept art posters
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Ok. So I was (still am) reading Eidolon by Llanval. (jesusfrakikfdgjkfdhkg I am in love with it) Then one night I had fanception/AU dream wherein Loki, after his fall in the wormhole, ends up not in Earth but inside Eidolon!verse where he meets his younger counterpart.

And then he meets his father and movieverse!Loki finds out that Laufey kept and loved his son. And then shit happens because of complicated daddy issues and self-hate issues. Oh god. I can’t. I just made myself sad. .___.

Here is a larger version. Please forgive me for the wonky character blocking. This  was not planned at all. @___@


Thor and Loki~


Thor and Loki~